Honda Plus Extended Warranty

at Crown MazdaDesigned to ensure Mazda quality care for your vehicle. Mazda, renowned for its sophisticated automobiles, has also established a name synonymous with reliability. Building on that reputation, we've created Mazda Plus Extended Owner Comfort. A plan you can customize to minimize the aggravation and expense of unpleasant driving experiences. And it guarantees that, no matter what happens and no matter where you drive in Canada and continental USA, your vehicle will be backed by Mazda approved technicians using Mazda parts. That's something to think about when you drive your Mazda and when you're looking for solid resale value further down the road.Choose only the plan that suits your needs. Just as we have different vehicles to suit your personal style, we offer several plans to fit your driving needs, thereby providing you with flexibility in choosing your protection.With Mazda Plus, you can prolong your worry-free pleasure on specified parts and components even further. Just choose from our flexible selection of coverage options for the type of protection you need. Then enjoy your vehicle - knowing that Mazda Plus Extended Owner Comfort is designed, administered and backed by Mazda Canada. So you can count on us being there.Just as Mazda offers different types of vehicles to meet your driving needs, so does Mazda Plus offer different types of Coverage for your New Mazda Vehicle. Whether the vehicle is purchased or leased, you can choose the coverage that best suits your needs. Roadside Assistance is included with your Mazda Plus giving you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while traveling in Canada or the USA.

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If the Confirmation of your Mazda Plus is not received within 45 days of the Purchase Application, please contact Mazda Canada's Customer Relations Department at 1-888-9-HONDA-9 (1-888-946-6329), so that we can ensure that you have the coverage down the road. With proper care, your Mazda investment will pay even greater dividends.

You are required to maintain your vehicle based on Mazda's Maintenance Schedule.

You are required to retain all maintenance records, as they may be requested from you:

a) by Mazda Plus and
b) by the new owner when you sell the vehicle.

Mazda Plus is designed to support Mazdas manufactured for the Canadian market and sold by an authorized Canadian Mazda dealer.

Mazda Plus coverage is designed and intended for vehicles essentially driven in Canada.

Please see your Mazda dealer for full details on coverage, limitations, exclusions and mutual responsibilities.