Is Your Car Smart Enough?

June 13th, 2019 by

Your phones smart, your home’s smart, but is your car? You don’t need a Tesla or Smart Car to connect your car to your everyday life. Connecting your car can be easy and cheap! Here are some changes you can start doing today to make some smart choices.

Tip 1: Use those free subscriptions! When you purchase a vehicle, most have several free trials and subscriptions to services designed to make your life easier. Your product advisor can show you how to set up things like a personal concierge, Sirius XM, or your manufacturer’s roadside assistance. Take time to play with them and fully understand all they have to offer before you hit the road.

Tip 2: Connect your Phone Your vehicle can do so much more than making phone calls. Fully enable your tech settings to do things like sending voice command texts, map out your route, and even find you cheap gas.

Tip 3: WI-Not? Does your vehicle double as the family’s living room? If you have an active family, enabling WI-FI services on your vehicle will keep the kids quiet(er) on your next trip. Have an older vehicle? Portable WI-FI hotspots can be inexpensively purchased at most electronics stores.

Tip 4: Go Electric Gas is on its way out and electric cars are on their way into your driveway! Electric and Hybrid vehicles are more expensive upfront but with government grants and charging stations popping up over the city, it’s easy to make the smarter choice. Charging stations can be easily hung on a wall. If you are an apartment dweller, many electric cars only require an outlet, just like the ones used for your block heater.

Tip 5: Safety First Buckle up, kids! This is going to be a smooth ride! In the past few years, vehicle safety features have made leaps and bounds! While we aren’t quite there yet for autonomous vehicles on the street, we certainly have a lot of features that come close. Blind Spot Warning, Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist, and so much more. Did you know that as of 2018, every new vehicle must have a backup camera? If you’re still looking over your shoulders for the newest safety tech, now is the time to connect.

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