Spring Driving Tips

April 10th, 2019 by

Start enjoying the warmer weather and take your car on the drive it deserves! Spring is almost here and it’s time for our spring driving tips.

Here are some things to keep in mind about spring driving:

1) It’s Messy Out There Spring is messy. Dirt builds up underneath and when the snow melts it makes its way onto the roads. Puddles and slush start building up, creating an easier way for your car to spread mud and dirt around. Your vehicle will start to collect dirt on and underneath it, possibly causing issues with rust. Rust is created when salt and water are built upon your vehicle. Washing your vehicle once a week with undercarriage protection will help prevent your car from rusting out.

2) More Pedestrians Warmer weather means more are people out and about Winnipeg. Watch out for kids playing on the streets or pedestrians trying to cross the roads. The roads will also see an increase in cyclists so be sure to share the road!

3) Potholes Spring in Winnipeg is pothole season! Drive slowly and take your time on well-travelled roads. Other vehicles around you may be swerving to avoid potholes so be sure to watch out for other drivers.

Potholes can wreak havoc on vehicles – they can cause flat tires, alignment issues, and even autobody dents. Take note of any differences you feel while driving your vehicle and make sure to mention it to your technician.

4) Ice Winnipeg’s snow has a habit of melting and then freezing overnight. Drive with extra caution at night and in the morning as they may be ice covered. Black ice season isn’t over until all the snow and ice have melted away for good. Winter tires should remain on your vehicle until the temperatures are steadily above seven degrees Celsius. For Winnipeg this means mid-April but if you have studded tires they must be removed by May 1st.

5) Vehicle Maintenance Warmer weather means your vehicle no longer needs to be plugged in and you can pack up your winter survival kit. Many vehicles require an oil change during the spring, depending on how often you drive it. Mention to your technician if you’ve noticed your vehicle pulling in one direction or if your tires are losing air quickly. This may be evidence of hitting a large pothole and your vehicle could require more attention. Have more spring tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

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