Ten Tips To Park Your Car On The Street The Right Way

June 6th, 2019 by

There isn’t always enough room for your car in the driveway or parking lot but parking on the street isn’t always favourable. Here are our ten tips you need to know when leaving your car overnight on the street.

Before you park, you will need to scout out the spot. To find the perfect parking spot you need to consider:
1) How many other cars are parked on the street? If there are plenty of vehicles parked on the street already there is a good chance it is a suitable parking spot.

2) If it’s bright enough. Brightly lit streets will help other’s see your vehicle in the dark and you can see your own when walking to and away from your vehicle.

3) Signs No parking signs are an obvious warning sign not to park, but other signs should be observed as well. Look for bus stops, loading zones, and safety cones. All are indicators that you should not park there, even if there isn’t a no parking sign.

4) Don’t park too far from your destination. Long walks are dangerous to take alone, especially in the evening. If possible, park somewhere where you can spot your vehicle from your location.

5) Security cameras can keep your vehicle safe. While it will not directly protect your vehicle, if you find your vehicle has damage done to it when you’ve returned, a camera can help provide proof to your insurance. Now that you’ve found the perfect spot you need to prepare your vehicle to leave it on the street. Here’s how to secure your vehicle.

6) Park close to the curb. Get as close as possible to the curb and leave enough room for the vehicles parked around you to exit easily without impeding other vehicles.

7) Feed the Meter with Extra Time Pre-paying for parking is tricky. Always add an extra hour to the meter to avoid rushing out in the middle of a conversation to prevent your vehicle from being towed.

8) Clean Up Your Car Not only should your valuables be kept out of sight, but your vehicle should be free of anything unnecessary in the backseat. That bag of bags might be worthless to you, but someone might think there’s something more valuable inside. Detach your trailer hitch and any other accessories that can be stolen or damaged.

9) Apply Your Parking Brake This extra step is always a good idea.

10) Take a photo of where you parked your car and any landmarks on the way. If your vehicle has the technology, map its location on your phone. Happy parking!

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