An Evening with the Clubhouse of Driving Passion

June 13th, 2018 by

Patrons of the Crown Mazda Clubhouse of Driving Passion were invited to a special gala to showcase the new Mazda6 on Monday evening.
This special evening included a showcase of the latest Mazda, an “under the metal” look, and a showcase of all the special features in a Mazda.

The event started at six in the evening, with an intimate crowd of twenty people. The evening was restricted to Crown Mazda patrons. The event began with an exclusive sneak peek at the all-new 2018 Mazda6. Mazda is celebrating its fiftieth year in Canada. The cherry-red exterior added a Canadian feel to the Japanese performance vehicle.

Following a tour of the 2018 Mazda6, patrons were invited to a behind the scenes look at their vehicle in Crown Mazda’s very own service shop. On the hoists featured another patriotically red vehicle, this time a classic Mazda5. Crown Mazda’s well-seasoned servicemen demonstrated the importance of undercoating, as well as the fine details that are performed on your vehicle while at Crown Mazda servicing.

Patrons were invited to learn how to locate and change their spare tire and other useful tricks exclusive to their Mazda. Crown Mazda representatives lent their expertise and shared their tips and tricks for a better driving experience with Mazda. A demonstration on how to use Cruise Control and Bluetooth capabilities were one of the many educative lessons shared with Crown Mazda patrons.

The evening concluded with more dainties and conversation back in the showroom. Each patron left Crown Mazda with an air of confidence, and of course, a complementary swag bag.

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