What Are Crown Originals?

Crown Originals

What are Crown Originals?

Being a used vehicle can be stressful. You want peace of mind and worry free driving but there are unknowns.
⦿ Did the previous owner take care of the car properly?
⦿ Is factory maintenance up to date?
⦿ What is the history of this car?

A Crown Original helps provide the answer to these questions!

A Crown Original is a vehicle that was bought at one of our Crown dealerships and largely serviced at our dealerships by our factory-trained technicians according to factory standards- so you know the vehicle was well kept! The vehicle was then traded back at our dealership and reconditioned at our dealership by factory trained technicians according to Crown Reconditioning Standards (a step above a regular government safety!).

A Crown Original gives you the peace of mind that this vehicle got the love and care that your car deserves!

Bought here, serviced here, traded here - and ready for a new owner, like you!

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