Nothing beats the excitement of owning a new car. The process of buying one is also something you should enjoy, but when you have your eyes set on a particular vehicle, it makes the purchase much easier.

However, with the chip shortage, the vehicle you want might not be available. But, there's a solution for that. You can factory order the vehicle you want (including the trim, colour, options, and more) and buy the car with all the specs you want.

Crown Mazda can help you factory order a Mazda in Winnipeg.

Benefits of Factory Ordering

Here are a few of the benefits of factory ordering a new Mazda vehicle:

A Dream Car

As mentioned earlier, when you factory order a car, it allows you to get your dream car in the exact colour you want. It gives you the advantage of covering all the features you're looking for, from trim level to accessories, and more.

A Great Deal

Since you are ordering a vehicle that is not in our lot, you are only required to put down a deposit to factory order a Mazda in Winnipeg. And that gives you the best deal on a factory order in Winnipeg since you are not paying up front for your next Mazda.

A Fresh Piece

One of the main advantages of factory ordering your new Mazda car is that it is new in every sense of the word. Many times, a vehicle might see several people test drive it over the span of their purchase decision. Not in this case. You will be the first to test drive your new Mazda.


If you're planning on placing a factory order on a new Mazda in Winnipeg, Crown Mazda can help you buy the vehicle of your dreams. Call (204) 885-2623 or visit us at 3690 Portage Ave West and let us make car ownership easy for you!