MPI Direct Repair

Direct Repair enables customers with eligible auto claims around Winnipeg to proceed directly to a participating repair shop for a vehicle damage estimate after reporting the claim to MPI, rather than attending an MPI Service or Claim Centre. If you have the information of the other party involved in your collision, or you have taken responsibility for the accident yourself, or if the vehicle's damage was caused by wildlife, you are eligible to participate in the Manitoba Public Insurance Direct Repair Program. Direct Repair streamlines the repair process to save you time.

How It Works

All claims can be estimated at one of the Manitoba Public Insurance Service or Claim Centers, and certain qualifying claims could receive an estimate at a participating repair shop. Your estimate options will be discussed with you when you report your claim. An estimator will identify the damage to your vehicle and determine what repairs are needed. Once your estimate is complete, or MPI has granted you a claim number, we can proceed by estimating your vehicle's repair costs on MPI's behalf. If we have already taken that step, we will make you an appointment at our accredited repair facility. If you have any questions about the process, simply give us a call at Crown Mazda. From the paperwork to the vehicle's final cleaning, we'll ensure your repair is handled in the best possible way.