If your vehicle can't be driven from the scene of a collision because of damage, you'll need to have it towed. If the collision occurred in Winnipeg, we will assist you by arranging a tow directly to our compound. Simply call 204-985-7000 and provide us with the details of the collision.
If we happen to be closed, we have a contract towing service you can use in Winnipeg and Brandon. For towing in Winnipeg, call 204-956-4665. For towing in Brandon, call 204-729-9510.
For towing outside Winnipeg and Brandon, but within Manitoba, call 1-800-665-2410. If we're closed and your vehicle isn't driveable, you can arrange your own towing. We will reimburse you for reasonable towing and storage costs.
Outside Manitoba, contact a local towing company to make arrangements. The local tower is required to tow the vehicle to the storage facility closest to where the collision occurred.
Please note: Don't repair damage before we've seen it! Except for temporary or emergency repairs to keep your vehicle mobile or to prevent further damage, you shouldn't repair your vehicle before we've inspected the damage.

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