Ten Helpful Tips to Improve Your Mazda’s Gas Mileage

July 4th, 2012 by

Check your air filter. Your gas mileage can be improved upon by as much as 10% with a clean air filter and approximately 25% of all vehicles could use a new one. Replacing your old air filter has the potential to take you nearly 40 kilometers further on a single tank of gas.

Straighten out and drive right. Poor wheel alignment makes your engine work harder and wears out your tires faster resulting in gas mileage reduction upwards of 10%. Getting your tires properly aligned can save you over 10 cents per liter.

Tune up your engine. An engine that’s properly tuned can improve your mileage by as much as 4% and save you almost 4 cents a liter.

Pump up those tires. Over a quarter of all passenger vehicles on the road today are being operated with under-inflated tires and the average 7.5 lbs of pressure loss can result in a 2.8% loss in fuel efficiency. When your tires are properly inflated it can save you up to 3 cents a liter.

Check your cap. An estimated 17% of all vehicles on the read have broken or missing gas caps resulting in diminished fuel mileage and possible harm to the environment. Making sure your gas cap is on tightly and not broken could save you close to one cent per liter.

Get rid of any extra weight. For every 100 pounds you load into your car you can decline roughly 1-2% in fuel efficiency. For every 100 pounds you can get rid of you will save 1.5 cents a liter.

Slow down. On the highway, you can lessen your fuel consumption by 7% if you can reduce your speed by roughly 8 km/h.

Operate your car smoothly. If your acceleration and deceleration is smoother, your gas mileage will increase and you could potentially save up to 33% on the highway and 5% in the city. If you’re one to take off like a rocket at top speed and then hit the brakes just in time before a stoplight, an incredible 18 cents a liter can be saved!

Keep your foot in the right place. When you drive with your foot almost constantly on your brakes it can lower gas mileage by almost 35%. If you can avoid this habit you can conceivably save up to an even more amazing 36 cents per liter!

Don’t sit in one spot too long. It’s recommended that you turn off your engine if you need to stop somewhere for longer than 30 seconds. And if you think it’s necessary to warm up your car before you drive it, it’s not. For every couple of minutes not spent idling you’ll save a pretty small percentage but over time this will add up and quickly become a considerable amount.

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