Wes and the Three Bears

October 24th, 2016 by

Wes and the Three Bears

This is the story of a guy named Wes who wanted some help to buy a new car. Wes went to many Dealerships and tried to find the perfect vehicle but had no luck. Some of the cars seemed to have seats that were way too hard and very expensive and some of the cars had soft seats and were just not comfortable. But when Wes finally came to Crown Mazda and sat in one of their new cars and was treated special by the staff, he fell asleep in the CX5 in the showroom.

When the Bears (who were the cleaners at the Dealership) came to check on the showroom, they saw Wes sleeping and decided to wake him up. Wes was frightened at first but went back to sleep and first thing in the morning placed his order for a brand new Mazda. Wes liked Mazda’s products so much and the special cleaners that he decided to get a job and tell people about how much he loved his new car.

Wes is still working here at Crown Mazda and is proud to be part of this special company and remains friends with all of the Bears in the showroom.

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